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"Summer 05" Florida Players of the Year

"Summer 05" Florida Players of the Year
"Summer 05" National Players of the Year
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Florida Players of the Year

Florida "06" Player of the Year Johnathan Kreft of IMG Academy.

This year's 06 Player of the year is John Kreft of IMG Academy.
We chose John Kreft for Player of the Year because of his impact on Florida AAU events and National AAU events.Last summer he played with South Florida Heat 17U. Which was a Nike sponsered team. He also put up tremendous numbers as the starting center. Many people think John Kreft is only good because he is 7 feet tall. John has one of the best post game and moves of any big man in Florida and maybe even in the Nation. John Kreft will be a big time collegiate player, and maybe a future pro player.
This year's 07 Player of the Year is Edwin Rios of Chaminade.
Edwin Rios is by far the best gaurd in the state of Florida regardless of class.
Edwin Rios started last year as a sophmore at Miami Senior. In which the Stings went on to win a 6A State Championship. He went on to become All State. Rios is the highest Nationally ranked player in Florida besides Kenny Boynton. Edwin Rios was clearly deserving of Player of the Year.He performed well at many places. Such as, ABCD Camp, Hoop or Hype, Breakdown Hoops Festival, and Breakdown's Battle of the Rankings. Edwin Rios is a major D1 Prospect and always plays at a major D1 level.
This year's 08 Player of the Year is Rayford Shipman of Monsignor Pace.
Rayford Shipman suited up last summer as a soon to be sophmore playing for one of the Nation's premier 17U teams(Team Breakdown).Rayford Shipman is always going to be first on Florida's 08 list. Rayford playes like a 6,8 gaurd trapped in a 6,4 190 pound frame. Rayford has always been considered to be the best athlete in Florida's 08 class. Rayford is a current starter for Monsignor Pace.
Last season he averaged double digits as a freshmen. Rayford Shipman lead Breakdown's 15U and 16U to many victories last traveling season.When we chose Rayford Shipman for Player of the Year there was no dought in our minds.
This year's 09 Player of the Year is Kenny Boynton of Blanche Ely.
Kenny is the advanced player in the entire state of Florida. Kenny has always played at a higher level of the game and it showes each and every night he steps on that floor. Kenny started out as a 4 man for South Florida Heat back in the year 2000. Kenny was a very strong player, but he didnt start getting good until he made his transition to the wing. Kenny started off under the basket which allows him to out muscle most gaurds on State level and National level. Kenny was the 6th man for North Broward Prep last year. He averaged 14 points per game. Which is outstanding for a 8th Grader on a Varsity Team with 3 D1 commits. Kenny also showed his level of game at the Reebok Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hae had a tournament high 45 points in a single game. He went on to average 22 points and become the yopungest player to ever make Big Time All Tournament Team. Kenny may be the best player to come out of Florida. Which is why he is 09 Player of the Year.


Florida "08" Player of the Year Rayford Shipman